This is the fourth movie I’ve seen starring Dulquer Salman and my opinion of him has remained the same since the first one: that he is a very talented actor with good taste. The fact that it stars Nithya Menon only elevated this film higher on my must-watch list.

Note: The subtitles for the copy of this film that I saw went by really quickly, so I apologize if I have misunderstood some of the details of the story. If I end up watching the film a second time, I will come back and update this review. 

Katha, Screenplay, Darsakathvam

I don’t believe in spoiling the plot of a film before watching it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and would like to know the plot, you can read more about it here.

The basic story of 100 Days of Love is nothing out of the ordinary, but what makes the film work is it’s engaging narration and comical situations. Stylistically directed by Jenus Mohamed, the movie captures the emotional journey of an underdog as he pursues his romantic dreams and is interjected with enough quirky, yet humorous situations to entertain you throughout.


Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer seriously runs the show for a majority of the film and his portrayal of Balan K. Nair, the self-referenced “villain”, is a pleasure to watch. His role is easy to connect to and he emotes well in the emotional sequences as well as the comedic ones.

Nithya Menon

Nithya plays Sheela, a mysterious character for a good part of the film, and the pairing of Nithya and Dulquer is definitely a hit, as it was in OK Bangaram. I did have some qualms with Nithya’s character in the film as her views are not well justified and her character comes off as half-baked. The director or writer should have spent more time on developing her ideologies because she is the major source of conflict in the film and it seemed a little unnatural.

Sekhar Menon

I have never seen Sekhar Menon before, but he plays lovable sidekick Ummar really well. He is present on screen for most of the film and, when he is not, his absence is felt by both the characters and the audience alike.


Praveena and Vineeth are adequate as Sheela’s parents and it was pleasant seeing Vineeth after a long time. Rahul Madhav pulls of a decent Rahul as one of Balan’s biggest obstacles and Aju Varghese justifies his interesting role as a childhood nemesis of Balan’s who provides a major twist in the story. All the other actors were fine, but not memorable.

Production Values


The songs from the film are by Govind Menon, while the background score is by Bijibal, and both of them deliver well. The songs are melodious and classy, but not necessarily catchy, like the songs from Bangalore Days (though maybe that would be different if I could understand the lyrics).


The visuals by Pratheesh Varma really make the film seem fresh, with a mix of vibrant colors and an overall dreamy mood that works really well for the story. It is interesting that this film is also set in Bangalore; I never knew that there was so much fascination for that city and, after seeing Bangalore Days and this movie, I now have a strong urge to visit one day.

Final Verdict

The characterization of the protagonist as a loser and “villain” throughout the film reminded me a lot of Velayilla Pattathari, or Raghuvaran B. Tech in Telugu, and it is this different depiction of the same old love at first sight concept that helps the film make its own impact. Combine that with the beautiful visuals and the lovely performances by the trio star cast and you have yourself an enjoyable romantic comedy entertainer for a rainy weekend.

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