There were a lot of great Telugu songs that were produced in 2016 and this video, directed by Harish Nagaraj and featuring Manisha Eerabathini's (from Padutha Theeyaga USA) beautiful vocals and Karthik Rodriguez's effective mixing, seamlessly blends some of the best into one entertaining mashup.

In the order in which they appear in the video:

  1. Crazy Feeling (Nenu Sailaja)
  2. Nannaku Prematho (Nannaku Prematho)
  3. Ee Vintha Needhiga (Express Raja)
  4. Saturday Night Fever (Gentleman)
  5. Hulala (Express Raja)
  6. Athiloka Sunari (Sarrainodu)
  7. Follow Follow (Nannaku Prematho)
  8. Blockbuster (Sarrainodu)
  9. Pranaamam (Janatha Garage)
  10. Yellipoke Shyamala (A Aa)
  11. Choosa Choosa (Dhruva)
  12. Janatha Garage Theme (Janatha Garage)
  13. Nippu Ra (Kabali)
  14. Sarainodu (Sarrainodu)
  15. Sardaar (Sardaar Gabbar Singh)
  16. Pakka Local (Janatha Garage)
  17. Rang De (A Aa)
  18. O Rangula Chilaka (Jayammu Nischayammu Ra)
  19. Velipomaake (Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo)
  20. O Manasa (Oka Manasu)
  21. Chakori (Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo)
  22. Evare (Premam)
  23. Telusa Telusa (Sarrainodu)
  24. E Babu Gariki (Pelli Choopulu)
  25. Taanu Nenu (Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo)

I really enjoyed the rendering of Pakka Local and Telusa Telusa. What about you?
Check Out This Awesome 2016 Telugu Mashup!

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