The teaser of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada caught my interest because of its similarity to one of Nikhil's previous hit movies, Karthikeya. Nikhil has been on point with his story selections recently and he's favoring scripts that mix science and fantasy to attract a modern audience. Seeing the success of this film, it seems like he's onto something.

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Katha, Screenplay, Darsakathvam


Excited about marrying the woman he loves, Arjun arrives at the registration office early from his college exam but the soon-to-be bride never shows up. Four years later, he accompanies his psychologically disturbed friend to a mystic temple in Kerala for treatment and falls in love again with a woman who shares similarities with his former lover. When the woman suddenly leaves the temple after telling him that she needs to talk to him, he finds himself left hanging again but, this time, he doesn't realize what's really at stake. Soon he has to make a decision; is he the type of guy who loves a woman for her personality or is he just interested in physical attraction?

Screenplay and Direction

Vi Anand made a decent debut in Telugu with Tiger. While the concept was interesting, Tiger still seemed amateur at best and didn't do that well at the box office. In Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, the director brings another interesting concept and you can see the improvement in narration. While the story does contain a couple of loopholes and the ending is anti-climactic to the way the entire story was dealt with up until that point, the movie entertains throughout while still asking some fundamental questions about love and attraction. It's a literal implementation of the idea that love does not have an expire date and its hilariously engaging.



Nikhil plays the protagonist, Arjun, and is his usual self. The role isn't that challenging, considering its similarities to his previous roles.

Nanditha Swetha

Nanditha steals the show with her portrayal of Parvathi, also known as Amala. She has scope for a lot of variation and pulls it off perfectly with a strong screen presence.

Hebah Patel

Hebah plays Nithya, a dance instructor, and is apt as the girl that Arjun is attracted. Her role is similar to previous roles she has done; she should really start branching out.

Avika Gor

Avika has a brief flashback role as Ayesha, the woman who Arjun falls in love with in college. She is cute and bubbly as always.


Viva Harsha, Satya and Sudharshan fit well as Arjun's friends and Vennelo Kishore brings some nice comedy to the package. Tanikella Bharani has a brief role as Amala's father. Chammak Chandra also has a brief comedic role as a steel utensils salesman.

Production Values


After Karthikeya and Cinema Choopistha Mama, Shekar Chandra has put together a splendid package of songs. Vandha Speedulo is upbeat and perfect as Nikhil's introduction song. Chirunama Thana Chiruanam and Neetho Unte Chalu are pleasant melodies that suite the romantic tracks in the film. Neetho Unte Chalu sounds very familiar and there's a chance it might have been based off another soundtrack, though I'm not sure which. Masthundhi Life is a situational bit that fits well in the middle of the film.

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Sai Sriram has some interesting tricks that keep the thrill of the film alive; some are more effective than others. The songs are shot in beautiful locales and the mystic temple portion in Kerala was done well. The animations are alright for a film of this budget; they could be better but don't distract to much from the film either. The promotional material is definitely up to the mark.

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Final Verdict

Despite its weaknesses and somewhat weird ending, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is an entertaining thriller that blends comedy, romance and suspense into a fun package.

Parent’s Verdict

Horror/Thriller elements are present, but are mostly focused around the love stories. There is also some fighting scenes, a road accident that kills a woman and a kissing scene..

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