Majnu is Nani's third release this year, not counting his small and unnecessary cameo in Jyo Achyutananda. Unlike the original story of Majnu, however, it was evident from the trailer that this Majnu was going to be anything but a tragedy.

Katha, Screenplay, Darsakathvam


Aditya, an assistant film director, is attracted to Suma, a girl who works at his friend's software company. In an attempt to woo her, Majnu recounts the tale of his failed first love with Kiran, a college girl from his hometown for whom he became a lecturer. By the end of his story, Majnu leaves Suma abruptly, realizing he still has strong feelings for Kiran. Though he intends to apologize to Suma and fix his relationship with Kiran, fate doesn't play along nicely and he finds himself stuck in between the two.

Screenplay and Direction

Virinchi Varma directs the film in a simple manner and it helps that the plot itself isn't complicated. Unfortunately, the film is a little too routine and the movie feels a bit dry at times despite the generally humorous dialogue and comedy dispersed throughout, especially towards the second half when it starts to drag. Many of the scenes are very cliche or similar to other films where the male protagonist faces an identical dilemma (i.e. Maska) and some of the characterizations are a bit inconsistent, both of which take away from the film's overall appeal.



Nani is very natural in the role of Aditya, a sincere lover and friend who takes a number of jobs, from software engineer to lecturer to assistant director. Without Nani's experienced presence, it would have definitely been harder to sit through the film, which speaks to the value of his comedic timing and range of emotion.

Anu Emmanuel

Anu Emmanuel debuts in Telugu with Majnu as Kiran, a college student who falls in love with Aditya, her lecturer. Her pairing with Nani works well in the film and she emotes well, mostly with her eyes.

Priya Shri

Priya Shri also makes her debut in Telugu cinema with this film. She plays Suma, the software engineer whom Adita is attracted to in the beginning of the movie. Suma's characterization is inconsistent and underdeveloped, which is unfortunate considering her importance as an obstacle.


Satya plays the role of Aditya's best friend and his performance works well within the given scope. Others, like Vennela Kishore and Posani Murali Krishna, have briefer roles and provide some much needed comedy. Raj Tarun and S.S. Rajamouli make cameo appearances in the film, but their presence is underutilized.

Production Values


Gopi Sunder delivers another fresh album with Majnu, which is a saving grace for the film. While Aadara isn't that catchy, Kallumoosi and Oye Meghamala are fresh and stay with you after the film.


Gnanasekhar provides apt visuals for the film, especially for the flashback scenes where the romance quotient is at a peak. The songs are also picturized well.

Final Verdict

Though it's a little routine and drags at times, Majnu manages to pass the time with Nani's performance, fresh faces and music that hints at the soulful film that it could've been.

Parent’s Verdict

Romantic drama, but a clean entertainer with very minimal violence.

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