Release: 2016
Directed By: Satish Vegesna
Produced By: Dil Raju
Music by: Mickey J. Meyer
Cast: Sharwanand, Anupama Parameswaran, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Naresh, Indraja, Raja Ravindra, Tanikella Bharani, etc.

Though Shatamanam Bhavati is slow and has a thin plot, it's beautiful visuals and touching family values make it a relatable journey, especially for those who have emigrated abroad, and may even leave you with a sense of nostalgia.

An elderly couple, Raghava Raju (Prakash Raj) and Janakama (Jayasudha), are living alone in an ancestral village home after their three children have settled abroad in different countries and fail to visit them for many years. Their cousin's grandson, Raju (Sharwanand), lives with them and takes care of the village, making inventions and helping his friends find work without having to leave their families to go to the city. When Janakamma delivers an ultimatum by asking Raghava Raju to make their children and their families visit home for the Sankranthi festival, he creates a desperate plan that shocks the everyone, but is successful in bringing them together. As the festivities go on, the siblings deal with various issues and their bonds strengthen as they beging to realize the value of spending quality time with each other and with their parents.

  – Shatamanam Bhavati's biggest strength is its emotional quotient that strengthens as the film progresses. Viewers who are abroad can easily connect with the nostalgia for childhood memories and the inability to spend more time with those who really matter back in India. While the plot is quite simple, it is effective and, having grown up in the U.S. myself, I could relate to the film a lot.

  – The dialogues are witty and meaningful and the scenes are clean and enteratining, making this a perfect Sankranthi film.

  – The casting for Shatamanam Bhavati is pretty good; Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are perfect as the elderly couple who miss their children and Sharwanand fits well as the lovable and persuasive friend, family member and lover. Anupama Parameswaran is cute as the granddaughter who falls in love with the village atmosphere and her chemistry with Sharwanand works really well. Naresh also delviers a funny, yet touching performance as Sharwanand's father.

  – The film covers the festivities and village scenery in beautiful frames and Mickey J. Meyer's background music and songs are apt for the film's content.

  – Satish Vegesna had a good idea of what he wanted the film to be like and was successfsul. There are no unneccessary or poorly developer comedy tracks, only natural comedy and relatable characters and emotions.

  – The narration of the film is slow and mellow, so the it might not appeal to all viewers.

  – There are a couple of scenes that could have been shortened to help the screenplay feel crisper and remove any sense of drag; more stringent editing could have easily alleviated this mild issue.
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