Jeans, Aparichitudu, Chandramukhi, Ghajini. These are just some of the most popular dubbed Tamil films in the past and all of these films have increased the range of the Tamil actors that they starred.

With the upcoming release of Suriya’s new Sci-Fi flim, 24, let’s revisit ten of the best Tamil films that have been dubbed into Telugu in the last decade!

Note: The films are organized into categories and then ordered based on their release dates. There is no relative ordering between the films and the list is not exhaustive. 

Something Different

Surya s/o Krishnan

A son’s recollection of the most memorable moments of his life that were influenced by his father after his father’s recent death, Surya s/o Krishnan has a mood that evokes nostalgia. Directed by the talented Gautham Menon, the film contains one of Suriya’s best performances with a dual-role and a mesmerizing soundtrack by Harris Jayraj (Nalone Pongenu and Monna Kanpinchavu are two of my favorite).

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Politics can be a tiring subject for films, but Rangam provides a fresh perspective. Directed by K. V. Anand, a former journalist, Rangam is a youthful thriller with another melodious soundtrack from Harris Jayraj; Enduko Emo was one of the most popular songs for a time after the film’s release in Telugu.

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Sharwanand is a very respectable actor and Journey is one of the most powerful films he has starred in. Taking a simple bus accident, M. Saravanan builds a engaging narrative about the lives that are involved and how one single irresponsible moment can create a disaster. The characters are well developed and the performances from Anjali, Sharwanand, Jai and Ananya are very endearing and natural.

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Based off of a real-life incident, Mariyan is a well-made film that depicts the tale of the misfortune of two Indian men who go labor abroad in exchange for money. Danush’s performance and frustration in this film is remarkably realistic. The love story between Pani and Mariyan is striking and the A. R. Rehman soundtrack is just the cherry on the top for this engaging and suspenseful film.

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Action Entertainers


Everyone is familiar with Sivaji, one of Rajinikanth’s most popular films to date. Depicting the problems that a successful software architect from the U.S. faces when he returns to India to give back to society, the film has a melodious soundtrack from A. R. Rahman and is directed by the renowned director, S. Shankar.


Despite the controversy that revolved around the film post its release, Vishwaroopam still managed to enthrall its audience with an intense action and another powerful performance from the talented Kamal Haasan. Watch the film if you like action and suspense and you’ll find yourself wondering when the sequel that is boldly announced at the end of the film will be released.


Vijay has been starring in some interesting films lately, and Thuppakki is definitely one of the most successful ones. Focusing on how an Indian army officer combats a terrorist group, the film manages to balance the intensity with comedy and romance, making it a great watch overall. AR Murugadoss and Harris Jayraj proved once again that they make a successful combination.

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Romantic Comedies

Love Failure

The directorial debut of Balaji Mohan, Love Failure was a surprisingly successful film that explores the nature of relationships and breakups. With ample comedy, touching moments, good performances from Siddharth and Amala Paul, and some peppy songs from S.S. Thaman, the film makes a fun watch, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

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OK Bangaram

A modern romance from Mani Ratnam with an album from A. R. Rahman that proves he’s still just as much of a musical maestro as he was in his heyday, OK Bangaram also stars some of the best actors in South India right now. Nani’s dubbing for Dulquer in this movie was a smart move; his familiar voice makes the film all the more relatable.

A Bit of Everything

Raghuvaran B. Tech

One of my personal favorites, Raghuvaran B. Tech quite literally has everything. Directed by Velraj, who also directed Journey (which is also on this list), this film is what really introduced Dhanush to the Telugu audience and it’s easy to see why we embraced it, with its witty, humorous dialogues and catchy songs. Dhanush excels at natural performances and that’s what adds life to the film as it is easily relatable. If you’ve ever been passionate about your work and worried about finding opportunities, you will not only have a blast watching this movie, but might also find some inspiration to keep trying along the way.

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Others Worth Mentioning


Another famous film from S. Shankar starring Rajinikanth, Robo boasts some advanced visuals and is one of the few well-made science fiction films in India. While some of the action sequences may have been carried away, the film still stands out for its unique plot (with regards to Indian cinema), Aishwarya Rai, and a futuristic soundtrack from A. R. Rahman.

Raja Rani

Raja Rani was the directorial debut for Atlee and its evident that he is a talented at what he does. The film focuses on the simple concepts of life after love failure and finding love after marriage, and watching Nayanatara and Arya struggle as they move forward with their lives is endearing. I also really like this film because it introduced me to Nazriya Nazim, who in turn introduced me to Bangalore Days and Dulquer Salmaan. G. V. Prakash, A. R. Rahman’s nephew, provided a popular, modern soundtrack for this film, which includes the catchy Oday Oday song.

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 p.s.: If you liked the background music from the teaser/trailer of 24 linked above, you’ll like this song too!

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